it all from high atop our 360˚ Panoramic Deck with views of the Fire Island beach, ocean and bay–with the sun, moon and stars!

Our Panoramic Deck

Feel the Romantic Beauty of the Fire Island Pines

Whether you are proposing marriage, taking in a full moon or just toasting the sunset; our 360˚ Panoramic Deck view will put the icing on your sweet Fire Island Pines vacation.

Fire Island Pines Retreat is an ideal place to relax, reinvigorate and reflect–amongst the wonders of a perfect, gay paradise–ensuring your everlasting, heartfelt moments and joy.

We’ve got all the deck side supplies one could ever desire! If you are part of our food and beverage plan–all of the deck side refreshments as well!

On and around the 360˚ Panoramic Deck

What the 360˚ Panoramic Deck Offers

There is simply no other place like our Pines retreat on Fire Island and while others offer a place to stay, we offer a well-integrated retreat–and our panoramic deck is one shining star, featuring:

Ocean Views

Here, the sun rises over the island and ocean in a way that seems larger than expected and sunsets often brilliantly color the ocean and sky–while at night, moonlight reflects beautifully over the water and waves.

Island Views

The island is verdant, long and narrow and from high above alluring–when enjoyed with warm cup of morning coffee, a cool, iced tea or cocktail, (included in our Food and Beverage Plan), it is simply spectacular.

Bay Views

The Great South Bay is usually a calmer body with a glassy shimmer only broken by the occasional sailboat or ferry, and at night the Long Island shoreline twinkles while New York City glows from a far, out over the bay.

Want More?

As a premier Fire Island retreat in the Pines we offer:

A Food Plan

Food on any island is usually all expensive, extremely limited in scope, hard to come by and well, not so hot. We've fixed all of that! All food and beverages, just $25!

A Sauna Deck

Get away from it all by relaxing in our large, bubbling sauna on its own second story deck while viewing the natural beauty of the island--all at once, in perfect seclusion.

A Pool Deck

We've got a refreshing, healthy, saltwater pool surrounded by decks with gardens, ample chaise lounges, an outdoor sofa, gym, BBQ kitchen, and all the details that go with that.

A Living Room

While you come to the Fire Island Pines for the activities--you also want an oasis from that action. We've got the ideal living room cocoon to make you warm and fuzzy!

Events and Parties

Part of the allure of the Pines is being one of the most exciting places to go and be your gay self--whatever that means to you. Unmatched, by design, it is spectacular!

The Beach and Bay

The Pines is sandwiched between a bay and a gorgeous stretch of secluded, gay, private beach--and we'll see to it that you have everything you need to have fun on both!

Like What You See?


Enjoy a relaxing retreat with a good vibe and full of warm friends like your host, Chad, who is sure to please!


Swim and sunbath at the beach or on our pool and sauna decks, wander trails or the shore, fish, party or play!


Beautiful views, private suites with all the amenities, gardens, indoor and outdoor community spaces and more!

Food Plan

Why eat out or buy food to prepare? Get all the food and drink that you want for just $25 per person, per day!